Walgreens in Placerville
Palos Verdes handled the construction of the Walgreens on the corner of Missouri Flat Rd and Forni Rd.

Quick Stop in Diamond Springs
Visit the Quick Stop in Diamond Springs for an example of our work. This plaza has become an essential feature of the community.

Subway in Diamond Springs
We partner with large retail chains such as Subway and construct quality buildings in accordance with all requirements.

Business Plaza in Diamond Springs
Palos Verdes has helped develop the Diamond Springs area into a blossoming economy with our business plaza.

Palos Verdes Properties Mission:

We exist to serve others and improve the overall quality of life within El Dorado County and surrounding areas.

We offer the best-value, full service real estate development in El Dorado County.

We become members of your team, study your business needs and budget,

to give you the highest sustainable return on investment.

We and our community speak out!
As a long time resident of El Dorado County, Founder and President Leonard Grado takes great pride in and interest investing and developing his community and surrounding areas.